Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wow! It's almost Christmas! Time to celebrate the birth of Jesus! I can hardly wait. Sorry for the lack of updates here once again, Mom and I have been extremely busy between pre-schooling, making Christmas gifts and listing on ebay. Whew! Not sure how I find any time to play! ha ha

Wishing everyone a very Merry CHRIST-mas and a happy New Year! See you all again in the new year!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grandpa's visit last month

Here's a couple pics of Grandpa & Margie's visit with us last month. The first one is me with Grandpa and Margie and the other one is all of Grandpa's side of the family that come to the family reunion we all went to before he left to go back home. His visits are always too short! :) I think he should stay up here in the summer. Talk to you again soon!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

80 degrees in October... Yahoo!!

Happy Fall Ya All! :) If every fall was like this, Mom & I sure would be happy. It has been just beautiful. 80 degrees today! Amazing!

Just a quick update as usual we don't have a lot of time LOL I've started some preschool at home with Mom and I am so excited about that. I don't understand why we can't do it allllll day long because I love it so much hehe My favorite question right now is "Can we learn more school today?" ;)

Here's a recent pic to hold you over until Mom can get my photo album updated again. Last time she tried to update it, it didnt want to be updated apparently. I have lots of good pics to share, like when Grandpa came to visit last month!! That was such fun! Maybe I can get Mom to post another pic here after this post. Mom had another problem with her laptop for a bit. Kind of scared her, thought she might lose about 3 months worth of my pictures... Yikes! Can you imagine?? But thankfully, it was just a bad memory bank and it's fixed now. She learned her lesson and backed up the photos right away! ;)

Oh yeah, had my 3 year check up (at 3 1/2) and I am now 40" tall. wow! Like a weed Mom always says...

Ok, maybe I can get Mom to post a little more often, especially since she got a digital camera that also takes videos and it is easy to upload to youtube or goodle video. We'll see...

Take care everyone!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm 3 now!!!

I'm three now! Can you beleive it?? I finally had my birthday party... even if it was a little late. Mom wanted to wait a little later in April in hopes that it would be nice weather and boy was it ever! It was beautiful and so was my birthday! I woke up that day to balloons and decorations all over the house! I even told Mom & Dad it was just beautiful! We had the party outside because it was so nice.

Here's a couple birthday party pics (thanks to Kandi!) to hold you over until Mom gets the time to upload and update my photo album. She did get a new one started here but then she messed up the rest of my 2 year album for 2006 :( and hasnt been able to get it to upload the rest of them for some reason.

Wow, it's spring already! It's been just beautiful here. Of course we get the rainy days too but Mom tells me that is just part of spring. And don't forget the big snow storm we got after spring arrive. But the weather turned around already. We've already planted red raspberries (yummmm!) and strawberries (double yum!).

Ok, need to run... cutting into my play time you know... talk again soon!

Faith Marie

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Faith In The Fall

Mom finally figured how to get this off her camera now that we knee deep in snow instead of leaves :) haha Let's see if this works now...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Happy New Year everyone! It's been some time again since the last update so I hope everyone had as wonderful of a christmas as I did! :) I really like christmas!

I don't have any new pictures to show you for this post because Mom has been too busy to get them off her camera! Can you believe that? You'll just have to trust me, she has ton of great pictures to add to the site soon. I make sure she takes pictures frequently because I ask her all the time to take pictures of me.

Well, thought I would just post a quick one tonight (I'm supposed to be in bed by now! haha) and let everyone know we are freezing up here! The nights are getting into the SINGLE digits and it's supposed to be getting even colder than that by this weekend. Like HIGHES in the single digits! I think it's time to visit Grandpa in sunny Florida, dont you, Mom?? I've heard that at least down there the weather is more suited to my tradition of running around with very little on :)

Take care, til next time!
Faith Marie