Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm 3 now!!!

I'm three now! Can you beleive it?? I finally had my birthday party... even if it was a little late. Mom wanted to wait a little later in April in hopes that it would be nice weather and boy was it ever! It was beautiful and so was my birthday! I woke up that day to balloons and decorations all over the house! I even told Mom & Dad it was just beautiful! We had the party outside because it was so nice.

Here's a couple birthday party pics (thanks to Kandi!) to hold you over until Mom gets the time to upload and update my photo album. She did get a new one started here but then she messed up the rest of my 2 year album for 2006 :( and hasnt been able to get it to upload the rest of them for some reason.

Wow, it's spring already! It's been just beautiful here. Of course we get the rainy days too but Mom tells me that is just part of spring. And don't forget the big snow storm we got after spring arrive. But the weather turned around already. We've already planted red raspberries (yummmm!) and strawberries (double yum!).

Ok, need to run... cutting into my play time you know... talk again soon!

Faith Marie

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