Sunday, March 09, 2008

We're home!

Hi all! We are back home again after a fun trip to Florida to see Grandpa! It was so much fun but I sure was glad to get back home as I missed my own bed and my toys so badly. Sadly, I ended up getting the flu bug within a couple days of getting back home so I didnt get to enjoy my toys very long before I got so sick I couldnt play at all :( But about a week later now and I am feeling more like playing again. Yipee!! Anyhow, thought maybe I could post one Florida trip picture for now, until Mom gets more time to edit them. Can you guess where this picture was taken?? hehe

The weather in FL was soooo nice, I even got to wear my summer clothes. So of course when I came home I expected that it was summer here too but... it wasnt!! Bummer! Mom assures me it spring cant too far off now, although sometimes it seems that way.

Ok, will try to post again soon with more Disney pics.

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie