Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where does the time go??

Sheesh! So sorry for the lack of updates again. Mom's 'puter bit the dust and she lost alot of her log ins so it's taken some time to set everything back up. Still can't figure out the webcam she had set up on my website but will keep trying. She tends to forget stuff once it's been set up hahaha

Well, can you believe this, I am 2 years old? wow! I am having so much fun. I learn something new everyday. I love to talk mom & dad's ears off and well, I keep mom real busy during the day.

Mom just updated my pics on my website here! She added more to the 23 month and now started my 2 year photo album.

Here is a picture of me at Easter. I got my first easter basket this year too!

The weather here is warm one day and cold the next but we get out and enjoy it every chance we get! I helped Dad plant peas in our garden. And while I write this I am tearing apart Mom & Dad's bed... guess I better go so I can finish my "job". Hope to blog again soon! :)