Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Happy New Year everyone! It's been some time again since the last update so I hope everyone had as wonderful of a christmas as I did! :) I really like christmas!

I don't have any new pictures to show you for this post because Mom has been too busy to get them off her camera! Can you believe that? You'll just have to trust me, she has ton of great pictures to add to the site soon. I make sure she takes pictures frequently because I ask her all the time to take pictures of me.

Well, thought I would just post a quick one tonight (I'm supposed to be in bed by now! haha) and let everyone know we are freezing up here! The nights are getting into the SINGLE digits and it's supposed to be getting even colder than that by this weekend. Like HIGHES in the single digits! I think it's time to visit Grandpa in sunny Florida, dont you, Mom?? I've heard that at least down there the weather is more suited to my tradition of running around with very little on :)

Take care, til next time!
Faith Marie