Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's December already!

Wow! How did 2 months go by without a post? ha! Mom & I have been so busy with pre-schooling and taking care of business at home that I havent updated lately. Sorry about that. So what have I been up to? Let's see...

We just got our first major snow of the season and it was a good one! Of course, I've already been out making snow angels, having snowball fights, making snowmen, and my favorite sledding! wheeeee!

The chickens are trying their best to adjust to this weather and actually be "cooped up" in their coop for a change LOL Dad said he was going to go out and water the chickens the other day but I quickly informed him that I didnt think the chickens would like it if he got them all wet. He just laughed at me! :)

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

I'm so excited about Christmas, I just wrapped my first present this year all myself! Mom couldnt help me, she was in the middle of making a batch of yummy yogurt but I didnt even need her help anyhow! We put our tree up last weekend and I just love watching the pretty sparkly lights.

Well time to go learn some more fun stuff in school! I'll try to get back soon and post some new pics.

XOXOXO, Faith Marie

Friday, September 12, 2008

Faith at 4!

Mom tried out a new video service the other day :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Follow Me On Yes, Where Else... Twitter!

Ok, Had to try out Twitter tonight. I'm supposed to be sleeping though hehe So follow me on twitter here and I'll follow you, as soon as I get the hang of it.

So, uh, where did July go? Geez Louise! :) It's been a fun summer though. Mom, Dad & I picked something like 64 lbs. of blueberries the other weekend, yummy! Mom has been busy filling our freezer with the garden bounty this summer. I have more pics to show you soon. Need to go get my beauty sleep now :)

XOXOXO, Faith Marie

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

STRAWBERRIES & Princesses!

They are herrrrrrrrrrrreeee! :) Our strawberries are just starting to ripen now and oh yummmmy! I gave one or two of these to mommy and I ate the rest because daddy was gone hahahhaha

Cant believe it's June already! wow! Lots is happening around here. I finally got my "princess" room with my own grown up bed! No headboard yet but hey, I dont mind. I love it! If it's got princesses on it, it's for me :)

I heard Great Grandpa was back here for a few weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. I dont get to see him very often anymore since he doesnt live here anymore and he's 94 years old! wow! I cant count that high but mom tells me that is really good.
Oh yeah, we've been busy homeschooling too. I love school. I especially love my new school books mom got from Sonlight Curriculum. We've slowed down some since it's so nice out we spend our days outside, when it's nice enough and not doing the spring storming thing. But mom says we'll get back to it again in the fall. I still have to have mom read at least a couple stories out of my books before I can go to sleep every night though.
Speaking of which, it is getting very late! I must be in bed by now lol Goodnight, all!
Faith Marie

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm 4 Already!

Wow! Where did that year go? I turned 4 on April 2nd! Here's a pic of me playing with my all my princesses in my new princess castle I got for my birthday. And another pic of some of the 26 new additions to our family! The last pic is one of the guy that came to plow up our new garden today that we will be growing this summer. Daddy wished it was his tractor! Mom wanted to grow more this year, well, I'd say she has the space now, it about tripled what we already had! Wow! Are we ever going to busy this summer!? I also helped mom & dad plant 3 apples trees, a peach and a pear tree so far too.

Well, it's getting late again and I must get to my beauty rest :) I'll be back again soon with another update!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

Sunday, March 09, 2008

We're home!

Hi all! We are back home again after a fun trip to Florida to see Grandpa! It was so much fun but I sure was glad to get back home as I missed my own bed and my toys so badly. Sadly, I ended up getting the flu bug within a couple days of getting back home so I didnt get to enjoy my toys very long before I got so sick I couldnt play at all :( But about a week later now and I am feeling more like playing again. Yipee!! Anyhow, thought maybe I could post one Florida trip picture for now, until Mom gets more time to edit them. Can you guess where this picture was taken?? hehe

The weather in FL was soooo nice, I even got to wear my summer clothes. So of course when I came home I expected that it was summer here too but... it wasnt!! Bummer! Mom assures me it spring cant too far off now, although sometimes it seems that way.

Ok, will try to post again soon with more Disney pics.

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A snowman any mom would love!

Happy New Year everyone! Mom just wanted to post a pic of my first snowman that I did ALL by myself. No help from Mom or Dad! See? I really can do it when I want to! :) She was so impressed she even got a video of me making it but I wont bore you with that LOL

I am so excited that I am going to get to go all way down to Florida to see my Grandpa next month! On my first ever plane flight too! Yippee!! Well gotta get to bed its late. talk soon!

XOXOXOXOX, Faith Marie