Tuesday, June 10, 2008

STRAWBERRIES & Princesses!

They are herrrrrrrrrrrreeee! :) Our strawberries are just starting to ripen now and oh yummmmy! I gave one or two of these to mommy and I ate the rest because daddy was gone hahahhaha

Cant believe it's June already! wow! Lots is happening around here. I finally got my "princess" room with my own grown up bed! No headboard yet but hey, I dont mind. I love it! If it's got princesses on it, it's for me :)

I heard Great Grandpa was back here for a few weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. I dont get to see him very often anymore since he doesnt live here anymore and he's 94 years old! wow! I cant count that high but mom tells me that is really good.
Oh yeah, we've been busy homeschooling too. I love school. I especially love my new school books mom got from Sonlight Curriculum. We've slowed down some since it's so nice out we spend our days outside, when it's nice enough and not doing the spring storming thing. But mom says we'll get back to it again in the fall. I still have to have mom read at least a couple stories out of my books before I can go to sleep every night though.
Speaking of which, it is getting very late! I must be in bed by now lol Goodnight, all!
Faith Marie

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