Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm 4 Already!

Wow! Where did that year go? I turned 4 on April 2nd! Here's a pic of me playing with my all my princesses in my new princess castle I got for my birthday. And another pic of some of the 26 new additions to our family! The last pic is one of the guy that came to plow up our new garden today that we will be growing this summer. Daddy wished it was his tractor! Mom wanted to grow more this year, well, I'd say she has the space now, it about tripled what we already had! Wow! Are we ever going to busy this summer!? I also helped mom & dad plant 3 apples trees, a peach and a pear tree so far too.

Well, it's getting late again and I must get to my beauty rest :) I'll be back again soon with another update!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie