Monday, December 18, 2006

Wow! Where'd this year go?

Ok, what happened to 2006? hehe Sorry for the lack of updates yet again! Mom has been sick (bronchitis!) and I went with Dad to Grandma's for a few days so she could rest and get over it. She is doing much better now. In fact she just updated my pictures on my site again, they can be seen here. If you are keeping up with my updates, the new pictures start at the bottom of this page and go through to page 10! wow! There sure are alot of pictures there now. Mom is wondering if anyone ever looks at them, so if you do could you post a comment here in the blog to let me know. I'll be sure and tell her :)

I helped Mom decorate the Christmas tree this year! That was exciting. You'll like the pictures she took. I have learned some christmas songs this year too. Among my favorite are "jingle bells" and "jingle bell rock" :) Oh, I learned another song too... it's called "Row, Row, Row Your Beat"! Mom insists it's BOAT but that doesnt sounds as good and I insist it's beat! hehe

Can't beleive Christmas is almost here!! Yipeee! I am soooo looking forward to it this year. We've had a little snow but it was gone pretty fast so I didnt get much sledding in yet. Looking forward to that too!

Well, guess it's time to go play. Might not be back till the new year so I'd just like to say Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Faith Marie

Friday, October 13, 2006

I Can Do It Myself! Fall, Snow And More

Hi everyone! Wow what a fun time I've had in the leaves this fall! Then the other day it started to snow!! WooHoo!! I love the snow! Mom didnt seem to excited though... I dont understand whats the matter with her... something about it being to early. Whatever, but it is soooo much fun.

Before I forget again, be sure to check out the box on the right side on this blog. Mom figured out how to show these tiny pictures of some really cool things on my wish list at Amazon :) hehe

Mom just updated my website so go check out the latest pictures. I am so cute and I say the funniest things, just ask Mom! :) She recorded me on her MP3 player the other day singing "I love you" over and over again, maybe I can get her to upload for everyone!

My favorite thing to say right now is "I can do it myself!" well next to "Lets go outside!!" hehe

Well, there is more to report but I'll have to come back again later, it's lunch time and I want to watch it snow outside. So... all together now.... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :)

Faith Marie

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Raining, wet and cold here now!

Boy, its been a cold, wet rainy few days here. We were getting 80 degree weather then BAM! brrrrr! I can't even talk Mom into playing outside in the cold rain. Bummer....

We had another busy weekend this last weekend... went down to Aunt Linda and Unc Lyle's new house so Dad could help them finish re-roofing their roof. Spent the night then came home saturday night. Sunday afternoon we went to a family reunion! I had sooo much fun playing with the other little girls there but the big playground they had there was just the best ever!!! It had huge slides, a twisty slide and even a tunnel slide! That was a new experience for me. Even though it was cold and wet and everyone else didnt stick around, I wore myself out playing until I almost couldn't crawl up the steps anymore! lol fun fun fun Mom said it was nice seeing alot of relatives she hadnt seen in ages but I just know it was alot of FUN! :)

Time to go get into something hehehe

Faith Marie

Monday, August 28, 2006

Where'd summer go??

Wow! This has been a real fast summer... Sheeesh! Just wanted to post quickly that Mom updated my 2 year photo album the other day and forgot to post that it was updated. I think it starts about right here. Unless of course you havent been keeping up with my current years pictures (why not?? lol) then you might just want to start here instead! There are pictures from when Grandpa came to visit a couple months ago, my fashion shows, my summer time fun and much more.
Ok, time to get back outside and play some more while I still have this nice summer weather!

Faith Marie

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bird poop, rubber band aids and a heat wave!

Hi everyone! Back again for a quick post to let you know what I've been up to lately.

Right now we are in the midst of a heat wave! Whew! It's so hot, we end up staying inside in the air conditioner most of the day. It's so hot and sticky outside!

This morning mom tried feeding me bird poop on my bagel!! Can you believe it?? She insisted it was something called cream cheese but I kept insisting it was "bird poop"! hehe Looks just like what lands on my playground outside though....

I've had a couple boo boo's over the past few months (happens to the best of us!) and mom got some cool "rubber bands" (mom calls them band aids but I cant seem to get the name right!). Anyhow these rubber band aids have Clifford the Big Red Dog on them on. How cool is that?? hehe

Well, gotta run! I'll stop back in again soon!

Faith Marie

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here's a couple pics

Feeding the giraffe at the Zoo and playing on my new slide!

Monday, June 19, 2006

My first trip to the Zoo!!

Hey, it's only been a month since my last update! How'd that happen? hehe Been so busy this month...

Weather finally warmed up, in a big hot humid way of course! So I've had some pool time over the past few weeks! yippe!

I got to go to the Zoo for the first time the other day! That was so much fun! I loved most the animals, some were to BIG and scary for me but Mom said I did real good. I fed the giraffe a cracker snack, pet the pygmy goats, rode the train, and saw lots of different animals I'd never seen before. I'm still talking Mom's ear off about the whole experience :) hehe

Hmmm, it wont let me upload a picture right now but will try again later... stay tuned... hehe

We went to Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe's house yesterday to celebrate Daddy's day with Great Grandpa! That was fun as always.

Friday night we picked up day and met Grandma, Mike, Uncle Lyle, Aunt Linda and a bunch mor efamily at the chinese restaurant to celebrate Daddy's birthday. That was fun.

I am pretty muched potty trained! Mom keeps doing a happy dance because of it for some reason... go figure! :)

Mom updated my 2 year photo album on my website so go check it out to see what I've been doing lately!

I also got the most coolest outdoor playground, climber, slider thingy ever! Will try to put up a picture of that here later too. I LOVE to play outside!!! Speaking of which... it's time to go PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!


Faith Marie

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where does the time go??

Sheesh! So sorry for the lack of updates again. Mom's 'puter bit the dust and she lost alot of her log ins so it's taken some time to set everything back up. Still can't figure out the webcam she had set up on my website but will keep trying. She tends to forget stuff once it's been set up hahaha

Well, can you believe this, I am 2 years old? wow! I am having so much fun. I learn something new everyday. I love to talk mom & dad's ears off and well, I keep mom real busy during the day.

Mom just updated my pics on my website here! She added more to the 23 month and now started my 2 year photo album.

Here is a picture of me at Easter. I got my first easter basket this year too!

The weather here is warm one day and cold the next but we get out and enjoy it every chance we get! I helped Dad plant peas in our garden. And while I write this I am tearing apart Mom & Dad's bed... guess I better go so I can finish my "job". Hope to blog again soon! :)


Friday, March 10, 2006

Ice storms, power outages, funder and more!

WOW! Where has the time gone? sheesh! If I didnt keep Mom so busy everyday she might have a little more time to keep this updated! hehe

So what have I been up to for the last couple months?? well, we had an ice storm about a month ago and we were one of the lucky ones, our power was only out about 24 hours is all. Some were out for 5 days! And every single week since then our power has gone at least once! It's been such a fun winter :) Mom keeps muttering something about moving south, whatever that means.... But this week it beginning to warm up almost like spring here and with that come the FUNDER! (thunder as mom says)

I am growing so fast and becoming a big mommy's helper in the kitchen. Thought you might like to see this picture of me helping mom. I got flour everywhere, not just in my face! hehe it is soooo much fun.

My kitty is gonna have babies! I havent a clue what that means yet but I know baby kitties are ohhh so cute!

Mom finally updated my pics on my site again. Go Here! Added a few more to 21 months, filled the 22 months and started the 23 month already. Yes, that means I will be 2 YEARS OLD REAL SOON! CAN YOU BELEIVE IT? Oh sorry for the shouting, but I DO THAT ALOT LATELY! ROTFL

More soon again, I hope! lol
Faith Marie

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy New Year!

Oh my! It's been too long since I've posted! Wow! Are the holidays ever a busy time or what? And now Mom is grumbling something about taxes, whatever that means. Anyhow, so sorry for the lack of updates it has been nuts around here.

I had a super Christmas! So much fun tearing open the packages this year! And I really enjoyed seeing family I only get to see every now and then. Hope you all had a good Christmas, too!

Great News! Mom finally updated my photo album so be sure to go check that out! Be sure you remember to check out the 2005 and now the 2006 album too, since it is a new year! In case you forgot, you can move from year to year in the drop menu at the top of the album.

Mom had to change her internet provider again... *sigh* so she's testing out a new one and if she decides to keep it, she'll email you all with the new address. Don't worry she still has the old address, so you can still reach us!

Well, it's way past my bedtime! I must be off to get my beauty sleep you know. Mom thought you might like these pics of pretty little me! and of the front yard this morning (and if you click the close up of the snow pic you'll see all deer tracks in the snow... thats not our tracks but all deer traffic!)

Faith Marie