Monday, June 19, 2006

My first trip to the Zoo!!

Hey, it's only been a month since my last update! How'd that happen? hehe Been so busy this month...

Weather finally warmed up, in a big hot humid way of course! So I've had some pool time over the past few weeks! yippe!

I got to go to the Zoo for the first time the other day! That was so much fun! I loved most the animals, some were to BIG and scary for me but Mom said I did real good. I fed the giraffe a cracker snack, pet the pygmy goats, rode the train, and saw lots of different animals I'd never seen before. I'm still talking Mom's ear off about the whole experience :) hehe

Hmmm, it wont let me upload a picture right now but will try again later... stay tuned... hehe

We went to Aunt Barb & Uncle Joe's house yesterday to celebrate Daddy's day with Great Grandpa! That was fun as always.

Friday night we picked up day and met Grandma, Mike, Uncle Lyle, Aunt Linda and a bunch mor efamily at the chinese restaurant to celebrate Daddy's birthday. That was fun.

I am pretty muched potty trained! Mom keeps doing a happy dance because of it for some reason... go figure! :)

Mom updated my 2 year photo album on my website so go check it out to see what I've been doing lately!

I also got the most coolest outdoor playground, climber, slider thingy ever! Will try to put up a picture of that here later too. I LOVE to play outside!!! Speaking of which... it's time to go PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!


Faith Marie

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