Thursday, October 04, 2007

80 degrees in October... Yahoo!!

Happy Fall Ya All! :) If every fall was like this, Mom & I sure would be happy. It has been just beautiful. 80 degrees today! Amazing!

Just a quick update as usual we don't have a lot of time LOL I've started some preschool at home with Mom and I am so excited about that. I don't understand why we can't do it allllll day long because I love it so much hehe My favorite question right now is "Can we learn more school today?" ;)

Here's a recent pic to hold you over until Mom can get my photo album updated again. Last time she tried to update it, it didnt want to be updated apparently. I have lots of good pics to share, like when Grandpa came to visit last month!! That was such fun! Maybe I can get Mom to post another pic here after this post. Mom had another problem with her laptop for a bit. Kind of scared her, thought she might lose about 3 months worth of my pictures... Yikes! Can you imagine?? But thankfully, it was just a bad memory bank and it's fixed now. She learned her lesson and backed up the photos right away! ;)

Oh yeah, had my 3 year check up (at 3 1/2) and I am now 40" tall. wow! Like a weed Mom always says...

Ok, maybe I can get Mom to post a little more often, especially since she got a digital camera that also takes videos and it is easy to upload to youtube or goodle video. We'll see...

Take care everyone!

XOXOXOX, Faith Marie

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