Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow! It's November already!

Where did my summer go?? We have had just a beautiful fall here now. It has been 60+ degrees and that is amazing for November! Or so Mom tells me, I don't remember my first fall, I was just a tiny thing then.

Well, I've been so busy! Let me see if I can remember some of it.... I had my first hay ride! That was fun! Hope to have some pictures of that day soon to share with you. I went to the local orchard with Mom and got see lots of animals, like zebras, goats, chicken, ducks, reindeer and so much more. That was fun... well, until that goat climbed up the fence to get a closer look at me! That scared me! I have also learned how to ride one of my little scooters down the driveway in front of the garage. That is so much fun since it goes downhill!! Mom always looks kinda nervous for some reason.

After I wake up from my nap today, Mom said she is taking me to get my picture taken. She takes my picture all the time, I don't understand why we have to go somewhere to do that! geez

I hope you've checked out Mom's latest site for me at Raising Faith with Pixel Ads! Oddly enough, that site gets more visitors than most all of Mom's other sites.

Well, I'm getting pretty tired. I think I better go get my morning nap in. Take care and I'll hopefully blog again soon!

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