Monday, August 01, 2005

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

Good morning! Can you believe it's August already? Wow, my second summer is going so fast! Dad was clearing an area for a new tool shed he's going to be putting up and I was helping him yesterday! Mom got some pics of me smelling the flowers. Here's one of them. Thankfully it doesn't show my scraped up knees! So I've fallen a few times, what of it? ha Mom & Cheryl had a garage sale this past week at Cheryl's and of course I had to wipe out on the cement a few times. But I didn't even cry cause I'm such a big girl!

I love being outside! Sounds like it's gonna heat back up this week again.

Have a great week! We'll chat again soon!

Faith Marie

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Ninny said...

Hiya Faith honey, you are such a doll . i miss you Love Ninny