Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh my! What a full day I had today

Wow! I'm so pooped.... in fact I'm writing this in my sleep from my crib hahhahaha

I played so hard today I almost fell asleep in my highchair tonight! First, I went out to Dad's jobsite today. I got to see him way up on the top of these sticks nailing on what mom called rafters to this pole barn thing they are building. What a hot day it was today! In the 90's with 90 something humidty and he and Cliff had to work out in it. Whew! We didn't stay long there cause it was just too hot.

Then we went swimming in Cheryl's pool for the rest of the afternoon. Weeeeeeee! That was sooooooo much fun. I wore myself out!

In fact... oh no.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !

Goodnite all,
Faith Marie

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